Welcome To Blue-Kote

Blue-Kote was developed as a temporary peel-able protective coating. Euroglass Protective Products extensively tested blue-Kote coatings in Florida’s rainy, hot, humid weather, Arizona’s dry and ever changing climate and California’s diverse climate for four (4) years prior to its introduction to the marine industry. Blue-Kote temporary scratch protective coatings were first introduced to boat builders at IBEX 2005 in Miami Florida. Since then Blue-Kote usage has grown to be used by some of the most discriminating boat builders, marine service facilities, aerospace industries and construction companies around the globe.

With over 20 years of direct marine industry leadership experience in service and retail categories Blue-Kote is poised to lead the pack and are here to help you with your protection needs.  Since our company launch we have expanded out range of products with quality in mind. To see what we have available please view our products section of www.bluekote.com.

Blue-Kote is available globally through the strong partnerships we maintain. If you are located in Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Dubai, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Turkey or the United Kingdom please order through our exclusive European, Asian and Middle Eastern distribution partner Dr. Shrink. To learn more please click here to learn more about them.

And in 2010, to help us extend our global reach, we have partnered with Shrink Wrap Products Ltd. in New Zealand to distribute Blue-Kote products through out the Pacific Rim including: New Zealand, Chile, Fiji, French Polynesia, Tahiti and more. To learn more about this new and exciting partnership please click here to learn more about them.

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