Rapid Shrink 2 KP414M-H Shrink Wrap Gun with Piezo Ignition Tip


KP414M-H heat tool, includes 25’ hose, regulator and Piezo Ignition Tip

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Rapid Shrink – 2 KP414M-H features 500,000 BTU’s of Shrink Wrap Power extension shrink tool. Shrink faster with a Rapid-Shrink -2 KP414 long reach heat tool for high and wide objects. “As fast as you can walk the length of a boat or piece of equipment the Rapid-Shrink tool can shrink the film” Delivers a full 3 ft. flame.


500,000 BTUs of shrink Wrap Power
High Pressure Lever and Pilot flame
25’ Hose
Push button Piezo Ignition Tip
26’ Total length

This torch kit can be used for Shrink Wrap application, roofing, heating, drying, weed burning and many other applications that require large volumes of heat.