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A complete line of deck underlayment products and systems utilized in the construction, overhaul and repair of decking and other surfaces in the marine environment. Products are certified for US Navy use, including ultra lightweight underlayments that meet Navy military specifications for weight and performance.

High quality epoxy color and clear topcoats are utilized to provide a decorative, scratch-resistant, long lasting deck and surface covering. Products are US Coast Guard (USCG) approved with Wheelmark accreditation

NOTE: Ultra light Terrazzo 1290 (1 gallon kit) is a 3 part system. Part A is resin in 1 gallon can. Part B is hardener or catalyst in a quart can. Part C is dry bead in 2 bags, one neutral and the second colored bead. The total volume mixed is 3.25 gallons. Minimum order 2 kits. Boxed 2 kits per case.


1222-R: Bond Coat (part A&B) 200-250 sq. ft.
1231-R: Combo Tile Grout (colour options available)
1255B-R: Underlayment Sealer (sealer kit, high viscosity) 100-125 sq. ft.
1290-R: Ultra Light Underlayment ((kit), aggregate, resin, hardener)
1290B-R: Ultra Light Underlayment in bucket (Kit 1290 in bucket) 18-20 sq, ft,
1290T-R: Ultra Light Terrazzo 1 gal. kit, Part A & Part B, 18-20 sq. ft.
2102-R: Water proofing membrane membrane (grey) 150-250 sq. ft.
5000-R: Clear Epoxy Top Coat 100% Solids, zero VCO, Epoxy 120-140 sq. ft.
50XX-R: Color Epoxy Coat 100% Solids, Zero VOC, Epoxy 120-140 sq. ft.
5100-R: Clear Epoxy Top Coat IMO 100% Solids, Zero VOC, Epoxy 120-140 sq. ft.
51XX-R: Clear Epoxy Coat IMO 100% Solids, Zero VOC, Epoxy 120-140 sq. ft.
5501-R:  Epoxy Adhesive HALF gal. kit, Epoxy Adhesive 18-20 sq. ft.
FR0499: Underlayment mix - in bucket (Bag, sand mix in bucket) 18-20 sq. ft.

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