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Polyethylene boat lift protective sling sleeve

6 mil white 16" X 600' and 18" X 600' rolls. Similar to shrink wrap material. Manufactured specifically for the protection of boat lift slings and boat hulls during launch and haul-out. Sling-Shield rinses clean, keeping dirt off lift slings. Simple 1 man installation.

16" for standard boat lift slings.

18" for slings with rub-rail pads.

You will need a Dispenser to use this product. They come in both 16' and 18' sizes.

SS166066: 8" X 600' roll, white, 6mil, 20lb.
SS166066: 16" X 300' roll, white, 6mil, 23lb.
SS186066: 16" X 600' roll, white, 6mil, 53.6lb.
SS166066: 18" X 300' roll, white, 6mil, 25.5lb.
SS186066: 18" X 600' roll, white, 6mil, 58.5lb.
SS366008: 36" x 600' roll, white, 8mil

SSHD16: 16" Holder
SSHD18: 18" Holder

Sling Shield Tape:
Sling-Shield tape is used to secure Sling-Shield to desired height on lift
slings. Resistant to aging, sun, water, fungus, oil, acids, alkalis and
corrosive chemicals.
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