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Ripak 2200 heating tool 145,000 BTU of shrink wrap power is a "Cold Nozzle" shrink wrap tool. It comes with a 25' of hose, adjustable auto-shut off safety regulator (if gas flow is interrupted regulator will shut off down ensuring safety first) and comes in a high quality padded poly carry case.

Regular MSRP price $926.99.00. Euroglass Protective Products price now available for only $718.00.

24", 48 7 72" Extensions are available, call or e-mail for extension pricing.


  • Almost instant electronic-Piazo ignition,
  • Well balanced aluminum body for durability
  • Comfortable grip for extended use
  • Defuser grill installed in nozzle
  • Eliminates flame flash backs into tool body that causes irreparable damage to other heat tools
  • Patented "Cold Nozzle" banishes contact burns to skin and burn holes in shrink film caused by nozzle contact to film during confines

Ripak is the tool of choice since 1981 by the internationally renouned shrink wrap company; Euroglass Mobile Shrink Wrap Service.

Ripak Heat gun 2 piece Combo Modular extensions NOW AVAILABLE.
They are adjustable so you get 2 extensions for the price of one.

RP2200: Ripak 2200 145,000 BTU heating tool
RPC4-6: Ripak Combo 4-6 extension 4.9feet(1.45m)
RPC6-4: Ripak Combo 6-8 extension 6.8feet(2.03m)

quantity: 1
weight: 5lbs
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Combination of product variants is not available

Price: from $519.59

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