Blue-Kote Carpet Mask is temporary carpet protection, Carpet mask uses a SOLVENT-BASED adhesive for easy unroll and apply to carpet. Resists puncturing, stays in place, easy removal, skid resistant & does not transfer adhesive to carpet.

Many companies are selling carpet protection these days, all claiming their film is the best. The fact is Carpet Mask out performs all these products. Solvent-based adhesive offers several significant advantages and protection from potential carpet damage to the user.


  • Film is easy to unroll and apply to the carpet, saving you labor dollars.
  • Solvent-based adhesives coat the film more evenly in the manufacturing process. This allows the film to adhere to the carpet evenly rather than having pockets of non-sticking film or "float" as is often the case with water-based products.
  • Film will not break down with conditions of moisture as water-based films do.

So the next time you plan on purchasing a self-adhesive film to protect valuable carpeting, for the best protection for you and your carpet, think Carpet Mask.

CM-24S: Carpet-Mask Film 24” x 200’ (single)


quantity: 1
weight: 8.5lb
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Price: from $67.65

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