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Sling Shield Tape:
Sling-Shield tape is used to secure Sling-Shield to desired height on lift
slings. Resistant to aging, sun, water, fungus, oil, acids, alkalis and
corrosive chemicals.
SST-536S: 1.5" X 108' 5m RED $5.40 per roll.
SST-536T Roll TUBE: 8 rolls RED - $36.55
SST-533C Case: 32 rolls RED - $135.00

Poly-Craft mask joining tape:
Poly vinyl tape is used as a seam tape for Poly-Craft Mask. Also used to
secure mask to substrate (fiberglass, tile, marble and stainless steel. Will
not leave adhesive residue when removed. White other colors available special
order, 6 days

SST-557: 2" X 36 yd. $6.05 per roll
SST-557case: 24 rolls per case $131.00 per case
SST-562: 3" X 36 yd. $9.05 per roll
SST-562case: 16 rolls per case $131.00 per case

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