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Poly-Craft Mask (R) consists of a three-ply protection system: a fiber glass mesh between a 40-point craft paper and a polyethylene sheet.

Water proof and tear resistant. Perfect for hardwood floors, tile, vinyl, marble, any surface where you used to use rosin paper. Quickly becomes a must-have product for quick on the job protection. 100 times stronger than rosin paper.

36"x200' roll, 600 Square Feet
$78.60 1 to 3 rolls
$68.50 4 rolls & up per roll


PCM6-300 72" x 300' (1800 sq. ft.) wt 47 lb.

Poly-Craft mask joining tape:
Poly vinyl tape is used as a seam tape for Poly-Craft Mask. Also used to
secure mask to substrate (fiberglass, tile, marble and stainless steel.

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Poly-Craft Mask

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Poly-Craft Mask