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Rapid-Shrink KP118-H features 500,000 BTU's of shrink wrap power extension shrink tool. Shrink faster with Rapid-Shrink KP118-H long reach heat tool for high and wide objects. "As fast as you can walk the length of a boat the Rapid-Shrink heat tool can shrink the film."

Regular MSRP price $325.00.  Euroglass Protective Products price now available for only $276.60


  • 500,000 BTU's of shrink wrap power
  • 18" bent brass extension
  • 25' hose
  • Regulator & spark ignitor.
  • Extensions available

EX8: EX-8 bass extension 4”
EX30: EX-8 bass extension 30”
EX40: EX-8 bass extension 40”
BP-66: BP-66 Torch Tip 300k with built in piazo igniter
KP118H: Rapid-Shrink KP118-H heating tool, includes 18" extension, 25' hose, regulator and ignitor

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