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Blue-Kote Tape is a highly visible, tough, pressure sensitive 7 mil. blue vinyl threshold tape. It can be used for abrasion protection, duct sealing, joint sealing, decorating, packaging, aisle marking and threshold protection.Temporary product used to protect smooth, nonporous surfaces. Used for taping and masking under Blue-Kote temporary scratch protector. For protecting fiberglass and gel coat, door jambs, edges of dive platforms, stairs, etc.

Use on countertops, aluminum, vinyl and bathroom fixtures.

BKT-547: Blue-Kote Tape 1/2" x 36 yds(108')
BKT-552: Blue-Kote Tape 1" x 36 yds(108')
BKT-557: Blue-Kote Tape 2" x 36 yds(108')
BKT-562: Blue-Kote Tape 3" x 36 yds(108')
BKT-567: Blue-Kote Tape 4" x 36 yds(108')
BKT-572: Blue-Kote Tape 6" x 36 yds(108')
BKT-577: Blue-Kote Tape 8" x 36 yds(108')


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