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Blue-Kote Anti-chafe film is a maximum adhesion that is easy peel off with NO adhesive residue or transfer. Travel-Tak also provides UV protection. Used to protect gel coat, painted hulls and graphics, from rub and chafe marks as well as dirt and grime.

This film is two sheets of high quality PE welded together to make an extremely durable plastic that can withstand high winds and UV exposure. The adhesive is a natural rubber base which allows maximum adhering strength and easy peel off with no adhesive transferring

*200' rolls can be cut to desired widths saving inventory of multiple sizes, less waste

TK-6s: Travel-Tak anti-chafe film 6" x 200’ (single)
TK-12s: Travel-Tak anti-chafe film 12" x 200’ (single)
TK-24s: Travel-Tak anti-chafe film 24" x 200’ (single)
TK-48s: Travel-Tak anti-chafe film 48" x 200’ (single)
TK-6: Travel-Tak anti-chafe film 6" x 200’, 4 roll case
TK-12: Travel-Tak anti-chafe film 12" x 200’, 4 roll case
TK-12b: Travel-Tak anti-chafe film 12" x 200’, 8 per case, bulk rate, min. order of 8
TK-48: Travel-Tak anti-chafe film 48" x 200’, 4 roll case

quantity: 4
weight: 8.5lb
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