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Blue-Kote Heat Shrink Tape Contains No UV Inhibitors. Could leave an adhesive residue if applied directly to paint, fiberglass, etc. Use to tape vents and doors onto cover--and to repair holes in the shrinkwrap. A polyethylene film tape for convention center floor marking, seaming and splicing of polyethylene sheeting and general purpose holding. Tape features a low residue adhesive.


  • Heat Skrink Tape specs: Total Thickness: 9 mils
  • Adhesion to Stainless Steel: 70 ounces per inch
  • Tensile Strength: 22 pounds per inch

HST60s15: Heat Shrink Tape (white) 1.5" x 60yds(108') single roll
HST60s: Heat Shrink Tape (white) 3" x 60yds(108') single roll
HST60b:Heat Shrink Tape (white) 3" x 60yds(108'), 4 case lots, bulk price min. order of 4 cases
HST60: Heat Shrink Tape (white) 3" x 60yds(108'), 16roll/case
HST6015: Heat Shrink Tape (white) 1.5" x 60yds(108'), 32 roll/case

quantity: 1
weight: 1lb
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